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Serving Trowbridge, Frome, Warminster,
Melksham, Bath, Westbury & surrounding areas


What makes us sparkle as your window cleaner?


Have you been let down by your window cleaner? Why not give us a try? We run on a tight schedule & offer a 4, 8 or 12 weekly regular window cleaning service.


We turn up to clean your windows when we say, the only reason we will not show is if we have heavy rain, wind or its below freezing temperature. 

Day before sms

We send a standard text message the night before we come, we do this for a couple of reasons: You know when we are coming, so you can leave a gate unlocked in case no one is in & that the windows are closed. 

Frames, panes, sills & doors

Why Would you not have a window cleaner clean the frames, sills & doors? We believe in providing a second to none service, we are proud of our cleaning offering a above & beyond cleaning services.

Affordable ricing

We all like value for money but we believe in offering a premium window cleaning service, this still comes at a competitive price. We get a lot of customers from other window cleaners who don’t show up again(usually because they are cheap & give up)


Wearing a uniform you know who we are! We like to give our family run business a professional image.

48 Hour window cleaner guarantee

Showing how much we value our customers we offer a 48 hour guarantee! If you have any issues what so ever,  we will be back in 48 hours to rectify any problems you may have.


Living in the 21st century we believe convenience is essential, who wants us collecting money at night?  We offer direct debit(payments are not taken before any clean is undertaken), cheque, cash, bacs or online payments.

Window cleaning around frome image
chapel cleaning Trowbridge

How we clean your windows

Our window cleaners use the reach and wash system for window cleaning, using this system means we are ladder-less , we choose this method for our safety & less risk off damage to your property.

In our opinion you will receive a better window cleaning service as we can get into the harder areas to reach around frames and door hinges & we can get your windows above the conservatory!

Will the brushes leave streaks & marks?

No! Getting asked this question a lot we thought we would explain. We only use purified water to clean windows this is NOT general tap water. General tap water has a tds of any where between 30 to 500 this will leave spotting or marks, we use our ro system to reduce this to 0 this will NOT! 

Another reason is some window cleaners do not rinse the window enough and this can cause spotting. We rinse and rinse!

Us cleaning windows, using the reach and wash system

Other Services

Gutter Clearing

Clearing gutters is an essential task,  gutters can blocked or be filled with debris, this can cause bad odour, damp and damage the guttering itself. We can even clear gutters above conservatory in a safe manner!

Fascia Cleaning

We can clean fascias and gutters from the ground and above conservatory and awkward places! Are your fascias looking old and dirty? Why not call us today!

Pressure Washing

Has your driveway or patio seen better days? We can have it looking like new again! Using our industrial pressure washer to blast off all the dirt & grime. We never leave a mess, we take away any derbies & rubbish. We can also re-sand if you require too. To find out more contact us or click below.

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